Naila Saeed

CEO Greater London Living

Naila has more than 20 years’ experience of having worked as a consultant to a number of Local Authorities and housing associations and their providers of supported accommodation.

Naila’s long association with different Councils have given her the opportunity to gain excellent understanding and in- depth knowledge of administering housing & council tax benefits Laws and Procedures applied to Claims processing, auditing, overpayment management, enforcement actions and subsidy implications.

She is an Acting Director Finance of Saif Health & Social Care Homes Ltd and a Project Director and Trustee of Midlands Living CIC.

Naila is Additionally Working as a housing benefit Consultant with Midlands Living and their subsidiaries in partnership with various housing associations in Midlands and in and around London area.


M lyas Raja

Councillor M lyas Raja is a 5 time elected Councilor for woking he is the current Incumbent Councilor for woking for the term 03/05/2018 to 05/05/2022.

Mohammad Ilyas Raja is a lawyer/advocate by profession. He came to live in Woking in 1984 and worked in the Civil Service and as a fulltime counselor and advisor in south London and a volunteer advisor with the Woking Citizens Advice Bureau. He served as a governor of Broadmere School, Woking for four years and founded the Woking Residents Initiative for Skills, Employment and Education (Woking RISE). With the help of friends Cllr Raja also founded Ham Nawa UK (a social and cultural organisation, meaning ‘like-minded people’), which was established in 1996 and holds regular charitable events. He was a member of the board of directors of Woking Gallery (now The Lightbox) and the Maybury Centre.

A committed believer in inter-faith harmony, Cllr Raja has worked to create good relations between local ethnic communities and the Borough Council.


Miss Linda Armand

Miss Linda Armand has been in employment in excess of thirty years with the Local Government and the Civil Service in very challenging and diverse roles which has included staff leadership.

She has a welfare benefits background working on various projects and initiatives and possesses a HNC in Public Administration and Marketing which has been invaluable for professional development within this sector.

Linda has a passion for working with clients who have been marginalized due to social inequalities, race, socio economic, cultural, linguistic, religious and sexual orientation.

This ultimately impacts on the client’s ability to access housing, benefits, education, opportunity and social justice. This is the passion which she brings with Her to the Board Of Greater London Living..


Robert Melcioiu

Robert has 18 years’ experience in the housing sector. He is a graduate from Kingston University with a B Eng Hons degree in Mechanical Engineering. After a successful International contract in software engineering with Oracle for Sage Accounting, Robert held a number of roles at Hexagon Housing Association, London Borough of Merton, Merton Priory Homes, Circle Housing and Clarion Housing.

His roles within Property Services covered day to day management and strategic planning for the responsive repairs, planned maintenance, compliance ( HHSRS - Housing Health and Safety Rating Standards), new technology (renewable energy) and new development sections.

In addition Robert has provided consultancy services in all fields of Landlord Compliance including Gas, Electrical, Mechanical, Environmental and Fire Safety.


Baniko Demetriou

Demetriou has a wealth of experience in Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction. He has worked in this field for over 25 years doing various roles, including Team Leader, caseworker, complaints and members enquiries officer.

Demetriou has represented the Local Authority in Crown Court hearings during the course of his duties and has been involved in many projects within the business.

Currently also he is an Appeals and submissions officer Representing the local Authority in Tribunal Hearings it’s a role that Demetriou enjoys very much..


Mirza Nadeem

Nadeem has over 27 years of global experience as a graphic production artist, and has extensive knowledge of print production and advertising. Having worked in many fields such as journalism, advertising, business and NGOs.

Nadeem is currently engaged in the field of print media journalism as the managing editor of The Light Newspaper, a bilingual newspaper covering Pakistani-British affairs.

His contribution to the British and European Pakistani community also includes the pioneering business directory of Pakistani British businesses and subsequently Pakistani European businesses. He brings a varied perspective to the Board of GLL.


Aleksandra Bres

Aleksandra is a Teacher by vocation and specializes in working with children with special needs , She has a Deep insight into the Requirements and working in her area of Specialization and Understands the learning process for special needs students with a range of mental and physical and learning disabilities.

Aleksandra is Bilingual and is Fluent In Polish and English which is an added asset in Todays Multi Polar World. Furthermore She is Multi talented and is an accomplished Fencer and Fencing Instructor having won Medals and accolades at The National and European levels